Here at NEPI, we are dedicated to fostering thriving communities in the North East of England, with a special focus on social housing North East.

See our latest social house project below.  A meticulously sourced, refurbished, and leased property for a satisfied client. This 5-year lease to a PLC for social housing is just one example of NEPI’s 150+ successful projects. If you’re seeking 8%+ yields, supported by a trusted UK PLC, reach out to us today

Our ethos

At NEPI we care about the people and the communities across the North East of England.  We believe that good quality, affordable rental accommodation should be available to all, no matter what their circumstance.  Having your ‘own front door’, which feels like a home, is the foundation to allow people the chance to maximise their potential and improve their lives & those in the areas around them.  We work, in collaboration with others, to create stable, secure, trusting, and supportive environments where people feel they belong.

Our Partners

NEPI partners closely with leading social housing providers who share our commitment to delivering safe, quality homes surpassing government standards. In the last decade, we’ve provided thousands of bed spaces, ranging from one-bedroom flats to large apartment blocks.

If you’re currently involved in supported accommodation – be it a local authority, Community Interest Company (CIC), Registered Provider of social housing, housing association, or charity – we’re here to assist. We specialize in locating property portfolios, apartment blocks, and care homes. Additionally, we excel in identifying suitable land for eco-friendly, socially-conscious housing development.


Social housing investments can offer the predictable, long-term, inflation-linked cash flow that investors seek, whilst delivering positive impacts for society. Since 2020,  NEPI has sourced and sold over £22million properties and developments to institutions and high-net-worth individuals who have benefited from the stability and length of the investments available in the North East whether these be property portfolios, freehold apartment blocks, or buildings specifically adapted for our clients.

If you are an institution, REIT, social impact fund, family officer, or experienced high net-worth investor, get in contact to discuss the social housing investment opportunities we currently have.

Property Management & Support Services

Our in-house company, North East Property Management & Lettings, oversees the day-to-day management of over 200 properties that specifically provide public housing across areas such as Newcastle upon Tyne, County Durham Gateshead, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, Hartlepool & Teesside.  NEPLM ensures the ongoing compliance, safety & standards of our properties.  They are on hand to attend to properties around the clock, allowing our partners to provide the care and support to allow our tenants to thrive.

We provide property management services to various entities across the north, we often advise organisations that playing to each other’s strengths is key. We are experts in social housing asset management and the refurbishment and development of buildings. This allows organisations to concentrate on the care and support of the service users.

Very few aggregators in the this space are taking ownership of projects and offering ‘End to End’ solutions for clients. We pride ourselves on this and welcome conversations about how we can help.

Social Housing


Block of Flats

The Addison Act

The Addison Act of 1919 marked a pivotal moment in UK housing history, prioritizing the construction of affordable homes. This legislation emphasized the responsibility of local councils in providing council homes to house tenants in need.

Council housing became a cornerstone of national housing policy, supported by government funding and public funding. This ensured a steady expansion of the housing stock, aimed at meeting the demand for affordable living spaces.

In recent years, there has been a growing shift towards private finance in housing development. This has led to an increase in private renting options, offering alternatives to traditional council housing. However, it’s essential to strike a balance to ensure social rents remain accessible to all segments of society.

The lock council, a term referencing local authorities’ commitment to providing secure housing.  It plays a crucial role in maintaining the availability of affordable homes. This system has become a vital component of the national housing strategy.


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