A Buy-to-Let strategy for a future pension

A Buy-to-Let strategy for a future pension is what Landlords have done for many decades. Traditionally, they have done so by buying a residential property on a repayment mortgage and using tenants rent to pay down the mortgage so after the term of the mortgage the property is owned outright and they can then either consider selling or continue to let using the rental income as part of a pension.  Although there are many ways of investing in property, some of which can be found here.

Since 2015, people aged 55 or older have been able to access cash from defined contribution (DC) pensions due to pension freedoms. The first 25% can be taken cash free.

Why should I consider property for future pension?

Property has historically been a good investment for many people with property prices increasing fourfold between 1987 and 2017

Property is not only a physical asset but an investment that in most cases, outperforms standard pensions.

Diversification is essential in any investment portfolio. Given current interest rate increases, increased pension taxes, and unstable stock markets, property investment may be a good choice for investors.

How do I build a property portfolio?

The key to building a steady, predictable, income-generating property portfolio is buying the right properties at the right price.  Download our ‘Buy to Let Guide’ to find out how to find your own buy-to-let deals. Alternatively, we can work with you to reach your goals. Our Investment managers can discuss and suggest a strategy that will work for you.

Worth noting, many best yields were recorded in cheaper areas of North East England & Scotland, whilst lowest yields are generally recorded in London & South East England.

How do I know North East Property Investment can deliver?

Taking independent financial advice before gambling on your retirement income is important. If you still want to proceed, we can provide information on completed cases and connect you with satisfied investors. Just let our Investment Managers know.



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