How To Sell Your Property Fast

Want to know how to sell your property fast?  Regardless of your reasons, you probably don’t want to be waiting weeks or even months to find the right buyer.  Selling your home is a big move and one that you’ll want as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

Getting Your Property Ready

If you’re using a traditional estate agent to sell your property then it stands to reason you are going to want it to be painted in the right light on property adverts and photography.  This is important when people come round to view.  It isn’t always appropriate or needed to completely redecorate but ensuring that your property looks its best is essential. First impressions count. There are some steps you can take before photography and viewings that really can help:

  • Declutter as much as possible
  • Put away things like piles of washing and the washing up
  • Make sure lids are closed on toilets and bins
  • Make the beds and open the curtains
  • wipe the surfaces down
  • Hoover the carpets and wash the floors

A professional estate agent will usually be able to give you pointers on this to make sure that any photos taken show off your property in the best possible way.  This is an absolute must if you are looking to sell your property on the open market.

Be Ready for Conveyancing

No matter how quickly you sell on the open market, the conveyancing stage can take several weeks. Several things can halter and slow down the process, especially if you’re property sale and/or purchase is involved in a chain. This means you’re reliant on others. To help the process go as quickly as possible being organised in advance is a must. For example, you know that both your conveyancing solicitor and one of the properties you are going to buy if you have an onward purchase will require a photo ID. Make sure that you have this ready, that it is up to date and has all of the right information.  If anything has changed, for example, your name due to marriage then have the paperwork to back this up too.

Before you accept any offer on your property your estate agent must carry out some due diligence for you. This involves checking on their proceed able position (for example if they have a mortgage in principle) and making sure that their funding isn’t going to slow down any of the conveyancing processes.

Choosing An Estate Agent to Sell Your Property

When you start looking to sell your property the chances are you’re going to look at various local and online estate agents. Looking at reviews to see who is the best agent to sell your property.  Every estate agent is going to make big promises surrounding their performance.  It is wise to get a couple of valuations so you have something to compare.  You can even use property websites Rightmove and Zoopla to do your research surrounding property value. It is also a good idea to research any of the estate agents that you are interested in working with. See what their reputation is like and even how many properties they have sold locally.

When it comes to choosing the best agent to sell your property it is also worth considering what they will charge and what you will get for your money. Every estate agent will offer their features and services so it’s important to understand this and choose the estate agent that ticks the boxes for you.

When Is The Right Time To Put Your Property on the Market

Property values are always changing, so hard to predict what the property market will do in the future. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re buying a property from the proceeds of the sale then your purchase will be affected by any changes in property value too!

How To Sell Your Property Fast

There are different ways to secure the fast sale of your property depending on your circumstances & just how quickly you need to sell. If you’re looking to sell your property as quickly as possible but can be flexible with timescales then speaking to a high street or online estate can be your best bet. Just ensure that you do your research and choose the one that best suits your needs. Ideally with a good reputation for selling property similar to yours in the local area.

However, if you’re in more of a rush than the open market allows for then working with a company such as NEPI can be the right choice. We can work directly with you rather than via an estate agent or broker to give you a free-of-charge valuation quickly.  Then we can be in a position to buy your property from you within 7 days. This gives you peace of mind that if you are in a rush, you have a solid company that you can rely on to work with. NEPI offer various incentives.  There are no fees to come off of any offer they make to you.  Also NEPI will cover your solicitor fees.

There are different things to consider when you’re looking into how to sell your property fast – you need to research the various options & ensure that you choose the right route for you, your family, and your financial requirements.

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