Invest in the Sunderland Regeneration

Are you considering investing in the Sunderland regeneration? Sunderland is experiencing a remarkable transformation, witnessing the emergence of new architectural landmarks that redefine its skyline. From a new footbridge over the River Wear to the development of vibrant neighborhoods, parks, and a bustling business district, the city is undergoing a profound makeover. The City Hall is operational, while the former Civic Centre is undergoing demolition. The nearing completion of the new train station and the revitalization of the once-derelict Vaux site through the Riverside masterplan mark significant milestones in Sunderland's regeneration journey.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park, envisioned as a people's park, is set to offer enhanced pathways, lighting, and amenities, fostering connectivity with other parts of the city, including university campuses. The development also includes a modern central business district, providing office spaces for thousands of jobs, and plans for a life sciences facility at St Mary's Boulevard. Culture House in Keel Square will serve as a cultural hub, featuring a city library and archive center. The ambitious Riverside Sunderland project will see the construction of 1,000 energy-efficient homes across four neighborhoods, further enhancing the city's appeal. Additionally, the £26 million train station project promises to revolutionize Sunderland's transportation infrastructure.

The Northern Spire

Opened in 2018, the Northern Spire stands as a striking testament to architectural innovation, spanning the River Wear and connecting Castletown to Pallion. This cable-stayed bridge, designed by renowned architects and engineers, has quickly become an iconic landmark, easing traffic congestion and promoting alternative modes of transportation.

Keel Square

Keel Square, located in the heart of Sunderland, has undergone a significant revitalization, emerging as a dynamic public space ideal for various events. The addition of the Culture House further enriches the square, promising to be a focal point for culture, history, and education in the city.


Sunniside, a historic area in Sunderland, has experienced a rejuvenation in recent years, attracting locals and visitors with its array of new establishments, including bars, restaurants, and shops. The presence of the Empire Theatre adds to Sunniside's allure, making it a vibrant destination in the North East of England.

Experience the Transformation

The ongoing transformation of Sunderland presents exciting investment opportunities. As specialists in the North East England residential buy-to-let market, North East Property Investment offers tailored solutions backed by extensive regional knowledge and networks. Explore our investment properties in Sunderland and be part of Sunderland's remarkable regeneration journey.

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