Property Investment Opportunities – Is Property a Good Investment?

Investing in Property in 2024

Frequently, individuals ponder whether to venture into the property market. Property stands as a viable investment avenue, attracting numerous investors enticed by promising projections for the UK property market post-2024. While 2023 saw a marginal dip in house prices amidst market adjustments, signs point to this downward trajectory being ephemeral, hinting at a potential rebound.

Rentals are more in demand than before, with a lot of consumers opting to rent due to the financial commitments of buying a property.  NEPI investigates the property investment opportunities for 2024, and whether the property is still a good investment.

What is Property Investment?

Property investment is one of the four most common types of investments in the twenty-first century, whether you are looking at investing in a buy-to-let property or making a property fund investment.

In short, property investment is investing in property to see a return on said investment. These are the main ways to make a return on investment:

  • Rent – buy-to-let mortgage.
  • Selling – making a profit by buying cheaper and selling at a higher price.
  • Indirect investment – investing in a fund investing directly in a property.
  • Property maintenance and management services.

How to Get into Property Investment

There are three main forms of property investment in the UK, those being buy-to-let investments, property development, and buying a new build and sell on.

Buy-to-let property investments are as its name states, buying a property with a buy-to-let mortgage, for the sole reason to rent out the property. Notably, mortgage repayments are less monthly than rent, meaning that you will either be paying off your mortgage and getting a profit each month or if you are in the position to buy the property outright, every month you will be making a nice chunk of cash.

NEPI are specialists in the residential buy-to-let market in the North East of England. We have been assisting individuals and businesses for over 15 years.

North East Property Investment Opportunities

The northeast of England has a vast amount of property investment opportunities due to the unique mix of low property prices, high rental yields, and great prospects for rising property prices. Along with this, the north east is a common student location, which offers more property investment opportunities; namely, Leeds, Sunderland, Durham, and Middlesbrough.

The average house prices in the north east are £190.000, which is notable cheaper than in the surrounding areas. Lower property prices mean good profits for investors who are investing in properties in the north east of England. The population in the north east is around 2.6 million which encompasses Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Teeside, and County Durham.  Although the north east is England’s smallest region it has a substantial and diverse property market. Similarly, the rental demand in the north east is increasing, with student accommodation and residential rental being more affordable for renters due to the lower house prices in the area.

Recent years has shown that the rental demand is as high as ever. Investing in property is a worthwhile and profitable investment. Find out more about North East Property Investments services and how we can help.

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