Welcome to North East Property Investment (NEPI), your one stop for Property Investment Yorkshire.  Yorkshire is renowned as an exceptional locale for both living and working, boasting a diverse range of property prices, from £134,600 in Hull to £319,300 in York. Characterized by some of the most competitive house prices nationwide, Yorkshire consistently demonstrates robust growth year after year.

At NEPI we specialize in identifying and maximizing the potential of prime real estate across Yorkshire. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or exploring your first venture, our expertise and dedication ensure that your investment journey is both rewarding and seamless. Dive into a world of unparalleled opportunities with NEPI as your trusted partner in property investment excellence.

Explore our range of investment properties for sale below.  Dive into a handpicked selection of our newest UK investment opportunities, spotlighting the dynamic North East region. While this serves as a mere preview of our comprehensive portfolio, featuring various North East investment options including buy-to-let opportunities, our listings are constantly expanding. Contact us today to tailor your investment journey and discover the ideal investment match for you.

The Vibrant Yorkshire Economy

Yorkshire boasts a thriving and diverse economy, befitting its status as the UK’s largest region, generating approximately £110 billion annually. While retail and wholesale dominate as the largest industry, accounting for 14.2% of all businesses, the region also hosts a robust scientific sector, closely trailing at 12.9%.

Beyond these key sectors, Yorkshire, particularly West Yorkshire, showcases a flourishing professional services industry, while manufacturing and construction remain pivotal employers in the region.

Tourism also plays a significant role in Yorkshire’s economic landscape. With its rich history and breathtaking natural landscapes, Yorkshire attracts visitors from across the globe, serving as a vital contributor to the economy, particularly in North Yorkshire, where it employs over 41,000 individuals.

Although small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of Yorkshire’s economy, the region is also home to several notable corporations, demonstrating its appeal as a hub for major businesses. Companies such as DFS Furniture PLC, Northern Trains LTD, and Hermes Parcelnet Limited are just a few prominent names that call Yorkshire home, with turnovers reaching hundreds of millions or even billions of pounds.

Post Pandemic

Yorkshire and Humber have spearheaded a remarkable regional recovery from the pandemic, boasting the fastest rebound among all regions. By the end of 2021, Yorkshire’s economy had surged to 98.8% of its 2019 level, showcasing a resilience that underscores its status as a thriving business hub.

Amidst international lockdowns, the appetite for travel has surged, driving a resurgence in UK international tourism figures. With escalating airline ticket costs and a burgeoning cost of living, more Britons are opting for domestic holidays, positioning Yorkshire as a prime destination for summer visitors.

Furthermore, the region has witnessed a notable decline in insolvency-related activities, with consecutive drops recorded in April and May 2023, signifying a positive trajectory for businesses in Yorkshire.

In the realm of high-growth companies, Yorkshire shines brightly.  This robust growth underscores Yorkshire’s resilience and dynamism, even in the face of challenging economic conditions.

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